Three Must-See Destinations of 2017

The world is massive and there are so many places to go. Choosing a place to vacation should be an exciting time, but some anxieties can come along. You want it to be perfect! You want to make sure your time and money is spent on a worthwhile experience that you can talk about at family parties in the future. To ease off some pressure, we can tell you about three of the top destinations for 2017.

1. Angra dos Reis, Brazil – The olympics brought some great tourism to the Brazil. Interest was sparked not only in the main areas such as Rio, but in the lesser known regions. Angra dos Reis is one of those areas. The high-end area is growing and becoming more popular in Brazil. This area is known to be a refuge for the country’s elite. There are plans for to add more hotels and resorts, but for now try and keep it a secret.

2. Belgrade, Serbia – Belgrade has always attracted steady investment since the end of the Yugoslav Wars. Many dive bars, restaurants, and lounges have emerged within its graffiti- covered neighborhoods. If you’re into craft beer and good times, this is the place for you. There are about 37 craft breweries within the beer scene in Belgrade, so there’s plenty to try out.

3. Malaga, Spain – Art aficionados and museum-goers…this is the place for you. Málaga is located in the southern part of Spain, known as Andalusia. This is the region where Picasso was born and a museum dedicated to him is located in this region. The CAC (Centro de Arte Contemporaneo) is one of the main museums here that has featured exhibits by Marcel Dzama and Ai Weiwei. There is also a pop-up of Paris’s Centre Pompidou showcasing works by Chagall, Magritte, and Kahlo. Once you got your fair share of art, head on over to one of the greatest beach fronts the world has to offer: Malagueta Beach.

Safe travels!

Welcome to Royal Yacht Charters!

Chartering a yacht with your family and friends can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. One of the best feelings in the world is knowing you’re traveling the open ocean in comfort and in privacy.

Having a yacht at your disposal is no mere boat ride. You are on a vessel that will bring you a new perspective on what it means to navigate the ocean in luxury.
There are some thing to always keep in mind when chartering your own yacht and traveling to different locations.

Respect the local community within your destination. Take your trip with wide arms and an open heart; have fun and tread lightly. Embrace everything and everyone around you.

Being a tourist is a privilege, so treat the local community with respect and decency. Keep it classy.

Respect the ocean. Instead of buying cases of bottled water, buy fewer of the large containers and drink from your own water bottles.

Nothing should be thrown overboard and all garbage should go into a trash bag immediately to avoid it blowing into the sea.
One last important tip, always listen to the crew. They know more about the yacht and the ocean than most people who are chartering.

Thanks for reading and be smart when chartering one of our yachts!