Welcome to Royal Yacht Charters!

Chartering a yacht with your family and friends can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. One of the best feelings in the world is knowing you’re traveling the open ocean in comfort and in privacy.

Having a yacht at your disposal is no mere boat ride. You are on a vessel that will bring you a new perspective on what it means to navigate the ocean in luxury.
There are some thing to always keep in mind when chartering your own yacht and traveling to different locations.

Respect the local community within your destination. Take your trip with wide arms and an open heart; have fun and tread lightly. Embrace everything and everyone around you.

Being a tourist is a privilege, so treat the local community with respect and decency. Keep it classy.

Respect the ocean. Instead of buying cases of bottled water, buy fewer of the large containers and drink from your own water bottles.

Nothing should be thrown overboard and all garbage should go into a trash bag immediately to avoid it blowing into the sea.
One last important tip, always listen to the crew. They know more about the yacht and the ocean than most people who are chartering.

Thanks for reading and be smart when chartering one of our yachts!